Questions and Answers

Please see below some questions and answers you might already have. For detailed info and advice please contact us directly at

Why should I buy one of your units?

Our units are within an exciting complex of hotel, retail, restaurants and entertainment.

The units are managed under the same standards then the world renowned Marriott International Brand.

You will be able to enjoy all the additional amenities the hotel has to offer such as the resort pool, gym, business center , housekeeping services,

Free WiFi and more.

The return shall be satisfactory since we expect the units to be rented out frequently.

Who manages the apartments?

They are managed by IPH “Interpromohotels” and administered by CMC real estate.

Please refer to the “About Us“ page.


What size units do you offer?

We offer  20  one bed room apartments at 71m2 and 4 studio apartments at 38 m2.

Will I own the individual apartment as seen?

If your requested own stay time is given to us within the contracted time Management we will do the upmost to guarantee the same unit for your stay time,  .

In case your unit is occupied  we will lodge you within a similar unit within the complex.


Where are the apartments located within the building?

The apartments are located in the west wing of the building and have their own entrance and elevator. The units have different views and therefore will vary in pricing.

Are the apartments furnished?

Yes they are furnished and all units are furnished the same way according to Marriott Standards..

May I choose my furniture?

No, since the apartment has to be furnished in the same line of furniture then the remaining part of the hotel in order to guarantee uniformity since we will be also renting your apartment to others.


Are these apartments part of Marriott International?

No, there are not part of Marriott International however managed under the same standards.


Can I personally rent the units to 3-rd parties?

No, this is not possible since all reservations must go through the rental pool system , however you may refer business to us for sharing within the rental pool .

When can I choose to stay in the apartment?

You will have the option to stay 8 weeks, on which you may chose 4 weeks in the low season and 4 weeks in high season.


Is there a home owner association?

Yes there is a homeowner association of which CMC Real Estate will also be part of.


May I also decide to rent out the apartment for longer times?

Yes you may and your return will be based under the same stipulations then during the term of the rental pool agreement.


Do you have storage for the owners in the units?

No, since we are renting out the apartments for you for most of the year we will need to provide a separate storage unit for you.


Are the services free during my stay?

Basically yes, however a reasonable service fee is charged daily. Please refer to the rental agreement.


How does the rental pool agreement work?

Basically, all the time the apartments are rented the revenue will be accumulated and all fees and costs deducted and the return calculated based on total revenue of all apartments minus the contracted fees.

Please refer to contract agreements.