Megapier Plaza

Please see below some questions and answers you might already have. For detailed info and advice please contact us directly at

What traffic can we expect from the Mega Pier Plaza?

Our concept is going to be unique in its set up. We aim towards a solid mix of different stores and food venues within our Plaza.

We will have weekly activities and entertainment to ensure we keep the venue lively and exciting.

Does the Mega Pier Plaza produces marketing activities ?

Yes, we will have a separate web-site, newsletter with  solid local and international marketing.


What will be the opeing times?

The mall will be open 365 days, non stop Monday through Sunday. The restaurant and cafe outlets open at 10AM to 911PM, retail will vary from 6 AM for the coffee shop and 10AM to 9 PM for all others

What will be the price of the units?

The prices will differ on location. We will have locations around the Hotel and Mega Pier Plaza.

The mix will be retail stores restaurant, bar and cafes outlets.

The prices will vary from $35 to $54 per m2. Please contact us at or call us at +5999-461 7835

What are the sizes of the units ?

Please refer to floor plans or contact us at

How can we bring in the goods?

The mall will be accessible for tenants several hours before the opening of the mall.




What other costs can we expect?

The additional cost will be approximately $8 per m2 which covers maintenance, property insurance, security, cleaning of public common areas , garbage pick up and marketing activities.

In addition you will have to pay your own electricity,  water and wifi-telephone.

You will responsible for your own unit cleaning  and damages occurred.

For special promos we will inform in advance of any additional costs.


How will the unit be delivered?

The units will be delivered “bare” and you will dress up your own unit. All designs/renderings  have to be presented and approved by CMC Real Estate before implementations.

CMC  will provide the AC units.

Some units will also have toilets.


What is required towards the application?

You will need a basic business plan and projected sales plan




What are the next steps once approved?

We will require a deposit of one month and a one month security deposit.

The security deposit only will be one month rent and  one month of common expenses contribution at $8 per m2.